NEW York. NEW Work.

Theresa Byrnes Collaboration 2016

Artist in residence with Theresa Byrnes in NYC January-February 2016. After a phone call and a plane ticket booked, here I am in the world of Theresa Byrnes; helping with her baby at night, working in her studio and collaborating on new work during the day - we fast became friends and decided to respond to the appoaching Valentine’s day.


"What is love? What is friendship? I should know by now. But I feel more and more that love is for survivors or is granted to those we think will. The fickle moments of connection land in my life often & than flutter away. Believing more in “flutter than forever” makes me unsure if I understand love or if it can be understood. My physical vulnerability leaves me open to contact that is like a dance of will. “gambette” is me grappling to represent what I feel to be the essence of love & friendship, shared support & play & shared convulsive, unpedictale joy. Both are bound to the moment and not expected." THERESA


"The function of the legs is to support the body, they are a direct link to its environment which enables social connections. On an artistic level and directly linked to our collaboration the legs are the action to creativity, the symbioses of two different creative minds connected through them both physically and mentally. Combined with the communication of laughs "gambette" is exploring the meaning of friendship, love and the emotional bound between entities." GERALDINE


"In Es de Corpus et Anima" 2012-2013

April 2013. This is the end of my year of research "In Es de Corpus et Anima". It is also a begining of something new, projects, ideas... To finalise my research I am writing a book about the whole trip through my experiences, knowledge I have been past to, self-analizis, people I met and the concept of what is a Human Being in different societies and cultures seen on a artistic level. 

Artist in Residence at ART FIRM - South Korea

SEMINAR at the Namseoul University - South Korea

During the seminar I presented my art work and my concept to students of the Namseoul University. I talked about my art research trip and about the different possibilities to work as an international artist and how to study abroad. I finally represented the University where I studied, the Institut für Künstlerische Keramik und Glas.


Project involving workshops in the Walkatjara Art Center, common Project with New Zealand Artist Alivia Carrington Hall, the Desert and myself.

It is a research about the Desert and its people, how this special place involves our souls and bodies, how we react toward this environment.



Desert project

New ceramic pieces in production for the next exhibition in October. Updates soon!


Artist in Residence at NEW SPACE ART FOUNDATION - Vietnam

WALKATJARA Painting workshop - Australia


BUSH ATELIER - Australia


SKIN OF THE LAND - Australia

One look and suddenly a multitude of colors, surfaces, sounds, shapes…

It is an energy coming directly from the Earth, the energy of Creation, of the real beginning.


Un regard et puis une multitude de couleurs, de surfaces, de sons, de formes…

Une énergie sortant directement de la Terre, l’énergie de la création, du commencement.


Ein Blick und eine Vielzahl von Farben, Oberflächen, Geräusche, Formen…

Eine Energie die direkt aus der Erde herauskommt, Die Energie der Schöpfung, des Anfangs.